Pastoral discovery Team

Russ Gregg - Chairman

Steve Ryan - Elder

Micah Romine - Deacon

LaVonne Ackerman

Rachael Alden

Leslie Durden

Jason Hoffer

Cameron Mitchell

Nora Ohl

May Update

The Pastoral Discovery Team is continuing to meet on a regular basis

to move forward in the process of seeking and discovering the man

whom God is preparing to serve as SVEFC’s next Senior Pastor.

Pastoral Discovery Team

Russ Gregg, Chairman; Steve Ryan, Elder; Micah Romine, Deacon

LaVonne Ackerman, Rachael Alden, Leslie Durden,

Jason Hoffer, Cameron Mitchell, Nora Ohl


We ask that you assist us by

·      Praying for the Holy Spirit’s guidance

as the team comes together

for an all-day meeting on Friday, May 19th

to plan and begin to execute our pastor discovery process

 to seek God’s man who will lead SVEFC in continuing our mission to

 Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples.


·      Participating in a survey

to gather your input on the qualities of the man we should

be seeking. This process will occur at the conclusion

of the service on Sunday, May 21st.


We will be providing updates concerning the process

 on SVEFC’s webpage and in monthly bulletin inserts.

We covet your faithful prayers for God’s direction

during this crucial transitional season

in the ministry of SVEFC.


Feel free to contact any team member

with your questions about the discovery process.