Pastoral discovery Team

Russ Gregg - Chairman

Steve Ryan - Elder

Micah Romine - Deacon

LaVonne Ackerman

Rachael Alden

Leslie Durden

Jason Hoffer

Cameron Mitchell

Nora Ohl

october Update


The Pastoral Discovery Team

is now actively reviewing resumes and making contacts

with candidates for the next Senior Pastor who will lead SVEFC.

We seek the man with the leadership experience and character qualities

which will best accomplish SVEFC’s mission to

Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples,

in order to fulfill our vision of becoming

a Transformational, Relational, Community-focused body of believers.


In addition to reviewing resumes and applications submitted through

the SVEFC site, we have partnered with EFCA’s networking tool,, in order to effectively evaluate

and screen for the most desirable qualities the

SVEFC family has indicated would be most

desirable in the Senior Pastor,



  • an accomplished preacher who is highly relational with good teaching and leadership skills

  • a gifted preacher of personal, relational and engaging text-based sermons that challenge us to act and grow.  

  • a prayerful, wise, humble man who is faithful, honest, and trustworthy.

  • an inspiring preacher and disciple-maker capable of resolving conflicts within the body who places an emphasis toward young adults and families. 
  • a shepherd who mentors leaders and disciples members to lead SVEFC to be a gospel-centered community where members love God, love others, and are equipped to reach the lost through active service.


The October Prayer Calendar is available in the lobby for you to continue to pray for wisdom in discerning the next Senior Pastor who will lead SVEFC.

Pray for discernment for both the Pastoral Discovery Team and

the candidates as we move through the selection process.

Pastoral Discovery Team Prayer Calendar

Please join us in praying during this Senior Pastoral Discovery Process.

Download our NovemberPrayer Calendar HERE.