Pastoral discovery Team

Russ Gregg - Chairman

Steve Ryan - Elder

Micah Romine - Deacon

LaVonne Ackerman

Rachael Alden

Leslie Durden

Jason Hoffer

Cameron Mitchell

Nora Ohl

juLY Update

The Pastoral Discovery Team

invites you to join us for a team update in the Family Life Center

during the Life Groups hour (9:30—10:30 a.m.)

on Sunday, July 23.


We will serve donuts and coffee at 9 a.m., so plan to come early!


We will update you on our progress in:

  • Finalizing the details of a church information document
    that will be given to candidates describing SVEFC’s history and ministries
  • Preparing the Senior Pastor Application
  • Evaluating the results of the recent member survey in order to
    outline the desired job description of the senior pastor.


We look forward to updating you on July 23!

Pastoral Discovery Team Prayer Calendar

Please join us in praying during this Senior Pastoral Discovery Process.

Download our July Prayer Calendar HERE.